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About Ashmin

Alexandria Dhillon


Alexandria’s passion for people and making new connections has been a driving force for her career in the marketing and PR world. Before taking the plunge in establishing her own business – Ashmin Communications – Alexandria worked for agencies in Vancouver and Los Angeles. Her love for all facets of her career makes Alexandria one you won’t regret working with.

IG @the_alexandriad

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Allyson Matos

Content Creator


Ally is our media partner focusing on content creation ( photo + video) for our brand campaigns. Ally has had over 7 years experience in working on both sides as an influencer and as a creative lead. She has worked with brands such as Haagen Das, Macdonald’s, Rogers Wireless and Barefoot Wine! We work with Ally to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience for our clientele. Whether you are looking for brand videos, social videos for campaigns, content photoshoots and more we have you covered!

IG @allymatos

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