“I had the pleasure of being one of the first influencers that Alex managed. From the beginning she was amazing to work with. She was always on top of deadlines, had realistic expectations and direct to the point communication. I have no doubt she has incredible things to come with Ashmin Communications”

xo Codi Lynn

“Alex was the first agent I have ever worked with in this industry. She quickly helped me realize my worth and aligned me with brands that suited me. We were a team and I had 100% trust in her abilities to bring me the right contacts and contracts. I highly recommend her to all who are looking to sign with an agent.”

Heydy Lopez

“I absolutely love working with Alex and Ashmin Communications! Alex goes above and beyond when it comes to both sourcing and booking campaigns. She always ensures there is thorough communication and follow through with each and every collaboration so that both the brand and the talent are happy. Her passion for the digital and influencer world is contagious!”

Fiona Forbes